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Date Teams/Event Time Score Links
Sat. 31 at Me.-Presque Isle Invitational 1:00PM 1st (15 Points)
Sat. 7 at NVU-Lyndon Invitational 12:00PM 2nd (33 Points)
Sat. 14 at Husson Harrier 10:30AM
Sat. 28 at Codfish Bowl @ Franklin Park in Boston 2:15 PM
Sat. 5 at State of Maine (Colby) 12:15 PM
Sat. 19 at Suffolk University Invitational 2:30PM
Sat. 2 at NAC Championship (NVU - Lyndon) 12:00PM
Sat. 16 at NCAA Regionals (Bowdoin) 12:15 PM
Sat. 1 at St. Joseph’s College 10:30AM 3rd, 83 pts
Sat. 8 at Maine Maritime Academy (Belfast) 11:00AM 2nd, 43 pts
Sat. 15 at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 12:00PM 37th, 961pts
Sat. 29 at State of Maine Meet (Bowdoin College) 1:30PM
Sat. 13 at Bowdoin College 11:00AM 7th, 202 pts
Sun. 28 at NAC Championships (Belfast) 11:00AM 1st out of 7 (41)
Sat. 10 at Regionals (Bowdoin College) 11:00AM 45th, 1283 pts
Sat. 3 at University of New England Invitational 2nd of 3 teams (61)
Sat. 17 at Johnson State Invitational 2nd out of 8 teams (73)
Sat. 24 at Bowdoin Invitational 12:00 PM 4 out of 7 (106)
Sat. 1 at Colby Invitational 11:00 AM
Sat. 8 at St. Joseph's Invitational 11:00 AM 2nd out of 7 teams
Sat. 15 at Maine State Invitational 11:00 AM 6th out of 9 Teams
  St. Joseph's College
Sat. 29 at NAC Championship 11:00 AM 4th out of 9 Teams
  Johnson State
Sat. 12 at NCAA Regional Championship 11:00 AM 52nd out of 59
  Westfield State
Sat. 5 at Husson Invitational 11:00 AM 1/9
Sat. 12 at Bowdoin Invitational 3/4
Sat. 26 at Gordon Pop Crowell Invitational 10:45 AM 3/11
  Gordon College, Wenham, Mass.
Sat. 10 at Runnin' Monks Invitational 11:00 AM 3/12
  St. Joseph's College
Sat. 17 at Maine Collegiate Championship 3:00 PM 6/11
  Bowdoin College
Sat. 31 at NAC Championship 2/10
  Husson University
Sat. 14 at NCAA Regional 38/56
  Connecticut College
Sat. 6 at Husson Invitational 11:00 am
Sat. 13 at Bowdoin Invitational 11:00 AM
Sat. 27 at Gordon Pop Crowell Invitational 10:45 am
Sat. 11 at St. Joseph's College Runnin' Monks Invitational 11:00 AM
Sat. 18 vs. Maine Collegiate Championship 12:00 PM
  Mount Blue High School - Farmington, Maine
Fri. 24 at Thomas College Invitational 3:00 PM
  Thomas College -- Waterville, ME
Sun. 2 at NAC Championship 11:00 AM
Sat. 15 at NCAA Regional
Sat. 7 at Husson Invitational Final 2nd of 4 teams
Sat. 14 at Thomas College Invitational Final 4th of 7 teams
Sat. 21 at Gordon College Pop Crowell Invitational Final 8th of 18 teams
Sat. 28 at Bowdoin College Invitational Final 8 of 10 teams
Sat. 12 at St. Joseph's College Runnin' Monks Invitational Final NTS
Sat. 19 vs. Maine Collegiate Championship @ Colby College (Waterville, Maine) Final 7th of 10 teams
Sun. 3 vs. NAC Championship @ Thomas College (Waterville, Maine) Final 5th of 9 teams
Sat. 16 vs. NCAA Regional Championship @ Univ. of Southern Maine (Gorham, Maine) Final 41 of 53 teams
Sat. 8 at UNE Invitational Final 7th of 13
Sat. 15 vs. UMF Invitational 11:00 a.m.
  At Mt. Blue High School
Sat. 22 at Johnson State Invitational Final 4th out of 6 teams
Sat. 29 at Colby Invitational Final 3rd out of 6 teams
Sat. 6 at Runnin' Monks Invitational Final 2nd out of 8 teams
  At Saint Joseph's College of Maine
Sat. 13 at Maine Collegiate Championships Final 9th out of 10 teams
  At University of Southern Maine
Sat. 27 at North Atlantic Conference Championships Final 3rd out of 10 teams
  At New England College
Sat. 10 at NCAA Division III New England Regional Championships
  At Westfield State College
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