Salute to Seniors - Women's Cross Country

Salute to Seniors - Women's Cross Country

UMaine-Farmington salutes the women's cross country senior, Tabitha Lingar from Danville, New Hampshire. 

Tabitha shared a few answers to six different questions. See the answers below. 

1.) My favorite movie is Patch Adams

2.) My favorite athlete is my older sister, Morgan, who is a very fast marathon runner.

3.) My favorite Cross Country memory was from the Suffolk Invitational last year. Most of the team had a really good race that day with a bunch of us running PRs. The atmosphere after the race was so fun. 

4.) I chose UMF because it is the only affordable University in the area that offers an Actuarial Science program.

5.) My favorite UMF memory happened this past spring. A week before we found out that we were all going home due to COVID, some teammates and I went to lunch after our Saturday morning Track practice. We then walked around town and spent the day together. I am so grateful to have that last "normal" memory before everything changed.

6.) My advice to returning players would be to not take anything for granted. Make the most out of every practice, game, or meet every season because you may not realize how important it is to you until you get it taken away.

"Tabs has given her heart to running and this program. The improvements she has made in the last year have been significant and her hard work does not go unnoticed. I'm eager to see what she can do on the track this spring." - Coach Cabaniss