Women's Alpine Finishes Day One

Women's Alpine Finishes Day One

Pat's Peak, NH - The women's team faced tough competition and tough course conditions in their debut in the MacConnell Division SL at Pat's Peak NH. 


Freshman Brianna Marquis led the women in a strong 20th place result after 1st run.  Marquis brought great intensity to the 2nd run hiking once but struggled with deep ruts and course conditions to find the finish.  Freshman Jenny Hancock rounded out the women's team with a DNF first run, but should great strength with her late start position and rough course conditions to place 47th for the 2nd run.

Coach Willihan said, "Marquis showed a great first run result in this field as a freshman." "I wasn't pleased with the long course hold that iced Hancock first run, but impressed to see her fortitude 2nd run and lay down a result." "Similar to the men, we need to focus on tougher course sets and conditions in our training to be ready for the scenario we faced today."

Brianna Marquis- 20th 1st run, DNF 2nd run
Jenny Hancock-DNF 1st run, 47th 2nd run