Salute to Seniors - Men's Soccer

Salute to Seniors - Men's Soccer

UMaine-Farmington salutes the men's soccer senior, Derek McLaughlin, from Winthrop, Maine.

Derek shared a few answers to six different questions. See answers below. 

1. My favorite movie is Star Wars.

2. My favorite athlete is Rob Gronkowski.

3. My favorite memory is the whole experience.

4. I chose UMF because it's A small school that has a great education program

5. My favorite UMF memory is the Beaver social.

6. I would tell returning players to put in that extra work in the off-season. The more ready you are coming in, the better off you will be

"Derek led our team with great leadership, passion, and fully understood what UMF soccer is all about! Thank you, Derek, I can't wait to see what the future holds for you" said Coach Hart.