Beavers Finish First few Days at Nationals

Beavers Finish First few Days at Nationals
USCSA Nationals 
Mt VanHovenburg
Lake Placid, New York
Beavers started Nationals with a bang with a sunny and warm 7.5k skate race on a very hilly and challenging course. With competition from all over the country, Jordan Fried secured a solid 20th place finish with a time of 23.57. 
For nationals, day two Nor'easter Quinn provided some powerful winds and lots of snowfall for the classic sprint qualifier and heats. Despite the beginnings of the storm, Isaiah Reid snagged an impressive 14th place overall, making it into the Quarterfinals, with what is his best finish all season. 
Stay tuned for nationals day three and four, with a classic 15k and team relay.