Salute to Seniors - Field Hockey

Salute to Seniors - Field Hockey

UMaine-Farmington salutes the field hockey seniors, Kasey Talarico, from Lewiston, Maine, and Elizabeth Ouellette, from Parsonsfield, Maine.

Kasey and Liz each shared a few answers to six different questions. See answers below. 

Liz Ouellette

1. My favorite movie is Grease

2. Jade Petrie is my favorite athlete. 

3. My favorite Field Hockey memory is spending long bus rides and late nights in the hotels with my best friends.

4. I chose UMF because of how small the campus is! It's given me the chance to meet so many new people it's like having one big family. The professors, coaches, and students have made UMF such an enjoyable experience!

5. My favorite UMF memory is spending time with everyone I have met, UMF field hockey has given me a family but has also given me the chance to meet my closest friends off the field. I've loved the experiences and memories I've made here but will miss it so much!

6. My advice for the returning players is to just have fun. Your time playing with UMF field hockey is precious and could end sooner than you'd like, so please enjoy playing the sport you love with the teammates you love while you can!

"Liz has been a valuable member of the UMF Field Hockey team for the past three years.  She has had to overcome numerous challenges and despite those setbacks has had a positive and profound effect on our program. She comes to practice every day with a positive attitude and is well respected by all her teammates and coaches. Thank you Liz for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to our program. We are all better off because you were a part of our team" said coach Pratt.  


Kasey Talarico

  1. My favorite movie is The Greatest Showman. 

  2. My favorite athlete is Steph Curry.

  3. My favorite field hockey memory is the Final Four tournament weekend in Manhattanville, New York!

  4. I chose UMF because UMF gave me the opportunity to play both field hockey and basketball in college while also providing me with access to obtaining a reputable teaching degree. 

  5. Way too many memories to pick just one, however, all of them include the amazing people I have met here over the last 3 years! 

  6. My advice to returning players would be to enjoy every moment of your season and your college experience. It goes by much too quickly, so be sure to cherish every second of it!

"Kasey has been an integral part of the UMF Field Hockey program since she arrived on campus her freshman year. Her speed and tenacity make her a dynamic player who is always a threat to score. She increased her offensive production each of her 3 seasons as well as developed into a more versatile player who could be counted on at both ends of the field. Thank you Kasey for your leadership, relentless work ethic, and for sharing your love of field hockey with all who crossed paths with you during your UMF career" said coach Pratt.