Salute to Seniors - Baseball

Salute to Seniors - Baseball

UMaine-Farmington salutes the baseball seniors and 2020 graduates whose seasons were lost or cut short this spring in the wake of the coronavirus.

This is not the season you envisioned, nor the exit from collegiate baseball that you deserve. While some of you may be able to return to the field next year, most of you will move on to the next chapter in life with an unfinished collegiate athletics career. Although that is an unsatisfying end, we hope you take comfort in the memories made and goals accomplished in seasons past. We know you will step forth and make the world better in an unprecedented time that can really use your strength, knowledge, and spirit.

Thank you for your effort and dedication to your school, your sport, and your team. We are with you. We ARE you.

The seniors shared a few questions and answers. See questions and answers below.


1.) What is your favorite movie? 

2.) Who is your favorite athlete?

3.) What is your favorite baseball memory?

4.) Why UMF? 

5.) What is your favorite UMF memory?

6.) What is your advice to returning players? 

Gavin Arsenault

1.) Hercules

2.) Marcus Stroman

3.) Throwing a no-hitter in high school against rival team Mountain Valley

4.) Close to home, the opportunity to play baseball and get a great education

5.) Going into the weight room for practice and spending time with the team and throwing around weights. The energy and atmosphere was amazing, there is nothing like it

6.) To keep chasing those dreams and keep putting in the work in the offseason. Have fun and live it up, college goes by fast. Just like that, you might never get to see those guys playing next to you anymore

Ryan Pratt

1.) Major League

2.) Tom Brady

3.) Pitching against my brother at Hippach Field in my sophomore year

4.) It didn't cost a lot and I got the chance to play baseball while also being close to home

5.) Spending time with teammates whether it was at practice, games, lifting, or just hanging out

6.) Never take anything for granted and hard work will always earn you respect from coaches and teammates

Chase Malloy

1.) Forest Gump

2.) Derek Jeter

3.) Hitting a grand slam at Hippach Field vs Colby-Sawyer to help us take the lead and win the game

4.) It gave me the opportunity to continue to play two sports. Affordability and quality education was also important in my decision

5.) Our baseball trips to Florida. The time spent with teammates, not only playing baseball but also swimming, playing volleyball, cooking and just hanging out were some of the best weeks of my life

6.) You will only get what you put in. If you work hard in the offseason and focus every day in practice your numbers will show it. Work hard, but don't forget to have fun and enjoy the game you love

Justin Rodrigue

1.) Moneyball

2.) Tiger Woods

3.) 1st College HR vs Thomas

4.) Affordable and great community

5.) Recognized for my work and offered an internship by my business professor

6.) Enjoy your time- Make the most of your opportunity

Max Salevsky 

1.) Field of Dreams

2.) Bryce Harper

3.) American Legion Tourney

4.) Opportunity to continue to play baseball and further education

5.) Although I haven't been here that long grinding out the weeks heading into the season and the guys, just how welcoming they were to a newcomer

6.) Don't take anything for granted. Nothing is guaranteed, you have to work for everything