Alumni Spotlight with Lee Jay Feldman

Alumni Spotlight with Lee Jay Feldman

Farmington, Maine -- Lee Jay Feldman is a 1984 graduate of Farmington with a degree in Geography who skied for Hall of Fame Coach Tom Reynolds in his time on the Farm. Outside of athletics, he involved himself in the Theater Fraternity. Lee Jay was cited as Collegiate Athlete of the Year by the Maine Legislature and made the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) All-Star team in both 1983 and 1984. He also served as a Ski Team Captain in '83 and '84. To this day, Lee Jay uses the foundation of his Geography degree in his current profession and speaks fondly of UMF as an important time in his life. 

Name: Lee Jay Feldman

Hometown: Auburn, Maine

Years at Farmington: 1980-1984

Sport: Skiing

Current residence: Lisbon, Maine

Current occupation: Director of Planning for the Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission

Why did you choose Farmington?

At the time Coach Tom Reynolds was running the Ski Program and I knew him my entire life and wanted to ski for him.  The Geography program also provided me with the base education I wanted so that I could pursue a career in Land Use Planning.

What are your greatest memories at Farmington?

The lifelong friends that I gained. All of the skiing I was able to do to finish out my competitive career. My time working in the Theater which was something that I never did and it helped me with my ability to speak to the public as part of my work that I do today. 

How has Farmington helped you in your life after college?

My life has been grounded in all of the experiences that I obtained while in school even today! Farmington prepared me to go out into the real world for the profession I was about to go into at that time.

What advice would you give to current student-athletes at Farmington?

Do everything you can to learn and enjoy your time in school because you will never experience anything like this time in your life again.

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