Alumni Spotlight with Koren Coughlin

Alumni Spotlight with Koren Coughlin

Farmington, Maine -- Koren Coughlin is a 1999 graduate of Farmington as a Secondary Education English major and was a member of the first cross country team at UMF. Being part of the start of the cross country program allowed her to form bonds across campus as well as connect with runners at other schools. A competitor in the classroom and on the course, Koren earned her spot on the Dean's List, and she was a district champion as well as a national qualifier. She is in her third year of volunteer coaching for her oldest son and his friends, who run cross country independently due to their school not having a team. Koren has been involved with cross country in the Waterville area for almost two decades, and she currently serves as the Meet Director for the Waterville and Winslow schools. v=Y50SnSQ_gNo& 

Name: Koren Coughlin

Hometown: Cambridge, Vermont

Years at Farmington: 1997-1999

Sport: Women's cross country

Current residence: Oakland, Maine

Current occupation: Field Supervisor, Division Chair at UMF

Why did you choose Farmington?

I chose Farmington because of its strong reputation in teacher prep.

What are your greatest memories at Farmington?

Traveling to races with my team as well as all of the opportunities I had to work with students in classrooms.

How has Farmington helped you in your life after college?

I gained the skills and education to do a number of different types of work, all of which have helped lead me to where I am today.

What advice would you give to current student-athletes at Farmington?

Enjoy every moment and you can be successful as a student-athlete!

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