Hoisington Skis his Way on to the Eastern Alpine Development Team

Hoisington Skis his Way on to the Eastern Alpine Development Team

Farmington, Maine -  UMaine-Farmington Alpine Operations Coordinator and Snow Sports Director, Scott Hoisington has recently skied his way on to the Eastern Alpine Development Team of the Professional Ski Instructors of America.

Hoisington had to complete a six-year program of exams and performance tests in order to qualify for the tryouts.  Those named to the team have an opportunity to qualify for the Alpine Examiner Training Squad.

At the end of last week, 47 men and women participated in the Development Team tryouts which consisted of two days of skiing and teaching tasks held at Cannon Mountain N.H.  With only 16 contestants making the team, Hoisington was psyched to be one of the oldest to qualify for the team.

"I am excited to be a part of this team as it will allow me to continue my professional development and education of skiing with some of the best in the industry.  Ultimately, my qualification and what I am able to bring back from the experience will help keep our Alpine Operations Certificate Program in the forefront of the industry" said coach Hoisington.

The first step to join the Alpine Development Team is to become a Level I Member. To do this, one has to complete 50 hours of teaching and training and pass the Level I workbook and two-day on snow examination.

After passing Level I, to become a Level II member one has to complete 150 hours of teaching and training and then pass a Level II skiing and teaching exams as well as the Children's Specialist 1 exam.

To become Level III Certified one must pass additional skiing, teaching and Children's Specialist (level II) exams. Candidates must also complete 300 hours of teaching and training, 150 of which must be at advanced levels.

The Development Team tryouts consisted six skiing tasks and two teaching tasks, and are scored by Eastern Region Alpine Examiners.  

Director of Athletics, Fitness and Recreation, Julie Davis said, "The University of Maine at Farmington congratulates Scott on the accomplishment and we know he is excited about bringing back knowledge and connections that will benefit our programs now and moving forward."